Opportunity Assessment


Opportunity Assessment provides the ideal introduction to and launch pad for a range of procurement improvement activities. It is aimed at the CEO, CFO, or CPO who is looking to make a step-change in procurement performance. Often, recognising where this step-change is to be found can be challenging. An Opportunity Assessment by Bareki will give you answers to these fundamental questions:

  • What are we spending our money on?
  • How sophisticated are we in each spending category?
  • What is the potential for further cost reduction or value creation?
  • How would we realise this potential?
  • How well equipped is the Procurement team, and the tools and systems it uses, to act on this? Where does it need reinforcing?

Our Opportunity Assessments are delivered rapidly and with minimal disruption to existing operations. The process is conducted within two to three Months, and requires relatively little senior management time. At the end of the process, you will be left with:

  • An accurate, granular ‘spend cube’
  • A bottom up, category-by-category analysis of where you stand today, with estimates of available savings
  • A benchmark of your organisation against our Procurement Effectiveness Model. We rank your current performance alongside that of comparable and competitor organisations
  • An Implementation Plan – a comprehensive but pragmatic roadmap for executing change and for achieving target savings and value