Procurement Training


Our expertise

Our approach can be applied across direct and indirect spend, capital and project expenditure, and can be extended across geographical and business unit boundaries.

Your procurement upskilling solution

Most procurement functions fail to optimize their talent potential. They are either too small, lacking the skills needed to operate as a strategic procurement function or do not have the time to train their people.

Yet, we cannot ignore the fact that the procurement skill base is undergoing a radical transformation. This change is spurred on by industry dynamics and necessitates that procurement functions:

  • Leverage technology and talent in tandem
  • Develop soft skills to encourage creativity and leadership
  • Embed learning into their culture as a mechanism to develop and grow

The Bareki Academy was established to address changing procurement requirements, and help businesses attract, develop and retain talent. Serving as an extended training arm for your procurement requirements, the Academy offers a suite of trainings for the procurement practitioner covering a range of analytical, procurement and business or soft skills required. We provide clients the same training delivered to our consultants, who we nurture into procurement experts. 

All of our trainers are consultants who bring extensive experience of developing innovative and strategic solutions to every day challenges faced by procurement practitioners. They regularly update material in line with industry developments, and make the trainings practical through case studies positively impacting the trainee’s business as usual activities.

Procurement Training Methodology

The Bareki Academy aims to provide our clients with an effective and sustainable end-to-end training programme to provide continual upskilling. Our recommended approach includes an in-depth self-assessment followed by creating customised material and training delivery via several methods to ensure it is effective and impactful for the trainees. We ensure the sustainability of this learning on an ongoing basis with coaching, eLearning and Review & Reflect Sessions.