Procurement Programme Management


Transforming a Procurement organisation into a value-creating strategic partner is an ongoing process that requires the structured approach provided by Procurement Programme Management. Managing a procurement transformation programme is a complex process involving the coordination of multiple stakeholders and functions, often with competing interests and activities. Bareki’s PMO service will ensure your transformation team maintains focus and drives quality through the proactive management of all projects.

Our approach

Bareki’s Procurement Programme Management team provides support during major transformations and through ongoing procurement activity. Our approach includes:

  • Implementing an online solution to track all savings and key milestones
  • Creating governance and peer review boards to enhance stakeholder engagement and increase sustainability of solutions
  • Driving quality throughout the sourcing process with pro-active engagement with buyers and managers
  • Providing a single point of contact for all internal and external stakeholders

Our PMO service instils and maintains a mindset around the delivery of value through procurement on a project basis, using all the sourcing and procurement levers, rather than merely through the effective but reactive execution of orders. We believe this is a superior way to operate.

Procurement as a value creator

PMO will allow you to establish Procurement as a strategic value-creating ally of other functions, but only if the organisational focus is maintained. We help you manage the procurement activity pipeline, ensure both routine and project activities are adequately resourced, and ensure that the cost and value claims made by Procurement are credible to stakeholders.

Bareki provides market-leading programme management and online reporting tools customised to end-user requirements. These enable you to coordinate multiple activities and deliver projects with a proactive focus on quality. Progress through key milestones and savings targets can be monitored and shared. Yet ongoing programme management is not simply about measuring performance: supporting the Procurement team through timely advice and market intelligence is crucial.

We recognise that the need for PMO continues even after your transformation objectives have formally been achieved. Bareki transitions its PMO to the client post-transformation by leaving behind tools and processes. The new Procurement function will have an expanding role in your organisation, working across a range of functions and stakeholders. Creating governance and peer review boards brings stakeholders together and increases the sustainability of solutions. For these, PMO provides a single point of contact and a credible, synoptic view of savings achieved and value created.