Procurement Effectiveness Diagnostic


Bareki’s Procurement Effectiveness Diagnostic delivers a road map for improving the effectiveness of your Procurement organisation. We will help you become a strategic partner not just in cost management but in value creation through the introduction of new structures, strategies, processes and technologies. Our road map is based on an analysis of the following 10 dimensions of procurement effectiveness:

  • Strategy
  • Organisation
  • People
  • Category Planning
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Category Management
  • Measuring, Reporting and Tracking
  • Engagement and Change Management
  • Process, Policy and Risk
  • Technology and Research/Insight Assess the ‘as is’ state

Bareki starts with the ‘as is’ state, a detailed assessment of the current Procurement organisation and its supporting processes using appropriate combinations of data collection, surveys and face to face interviews.

Important questions include:

  • Resources: Are the right levels of Procurement resource in place?
  • Technology: is it being used to best advantage?
  • Strategy: Is Procurement aligned to the needs of its business unit customers?
  • Sourcing: Are current efforts actually delivering?
  • Processes: Are clear procurement processes being operated, especially across category planning, sourcing and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)?

We use the weightings to categorise the operation, or its components, in terms of procurement maturity, and thus the distance they have to travel.

Determine the desired ‘to be’ state

Next, we work with you to determine the desired ‘to be’ state, and draft the road map based on your business’s priorities. Our team takes into account the dependencies and inter-relationships between different aspects of procurement, and recognises that it is not achievable for an organisation to strive to become world-class, across the board, in one go. At Bareki, Procurement Effectiveness Diagnostic is just the starting point. We will support you to the desired level in ensuring that the road map is implemented correctly, efficiently and on time, and our service is often the foundation for continuing involvement.