Master Data Management


Procurement and supply chain organizations across the world face a typical challenge — how to make sense of all the supplier and item master records, across all the different systems in the organization? Duplicate entries get out of sync, data expires and is neither renewed nor refreshed, and the number of entries expand far beyond the number of vendors and items that currently exist. Access to updated, accurate and reliable supplier master data and item master data is critical to making effective sourcing, procurement and supply chain decisions.

BAREKI represents a step change in supplier master data and item master data management. With comprehensive supplier and item master data management capabilities, including data collection, normalization, error detection and correction, consolidation, data storage and distribution, BAREKI makes it easy to manage and share your supplier data across the enterprise.

BAREKI gives you complete control of all your supplier and item data and improves its quality by enabling rigorous and proactive supplier master and item master data management (MDM). You get ready and real-time access to harmonized and cleansed data, thereby avoiding expensive errors born out of data inaccuracies and duplication.

Stay on Top of Your Supplier Master and Item Master Data

BAREKI seamlessly integrates with your ERP, accounts payable or any other back-office system to bring together all supplier and item master on a single, unified platform. It can handle the complex requirements of a multi-ERP landscape, providing on-demand access to updated and validated data at all times.

Supplier Master Data Management

BAREKI simplifies supplier master data management by driving:

  • Supplier master cleanup, including normalization of supplier name, deleting duplication, aligning master to product taxonomy and parent-child relationships
  • Supplier master enrichment, including D&B, W9, minority and other third-party information
  • Supplier enablement, driving controlled spend under management by aligning suppliers through supplier registration, catalog enablement and supplier portal management
  • Supplier registration, including supplier segmentation, qualification and rationalization of the supplier base
  • Supplier performance data management and analysis
  • Supplier enablement services, including onboarding and enabling electronic invoicing

Item Master Data Management

BAREKI streamlines your item master data management by supporting:

  • Taxonomy and specification development
  • Item cleansing, duplication removal and classification
  • Attribute extraction and standardization
  • Short and long text generation
  • Periodic incremental cleansing

One Version of the Truth With Bareki Master Data Management

BAREKI brings intelligent automation to the fore, delivering powerful capabilities that help your procurement and supply chain team stay ahead of the curve. BAREKI puts in place the rigors of master data management, by proactively and continually profiling, cleansing, validating, augmenting, synching and driving data stewardship — to fuel your strategy and decision-making with data that is up-to-date, accurate, and reliable. You get one version of supplier and item master data for all your procurement functions — planning, sourcing, contracting, managing and purchasing. But not just that — you can also seamlessly share the data with other departments and their technology systems for processing, analysis, reporting and more.