Contract & Commercial Management


Contracts need ongoing commercial management, not only to ensure compliance to contractual commitments and the achievement of expected benefits, but also to identify opportunities for improvement and additional added value. Effective contract management ensures that the expected value is delivered and additional value is created through continuous improvement of: cost, innovation, service delivery, and quality.

In a six to nine month assignment, we typically work with suppliers and clients to establish the critical contract metrics and risks to be managed. We then re-engineer the core contract management processes, and implement automated data extraction and verification processes, supported by technology solutions. We use supplier and client data to create a common set of metrics that enables an effective continuing relationship, and reduces the workload for both sides.

This process is accelerated when we have previously been involved in the sourcing. When this happens, our early involvement means that we ensure the foundations for effective, ongoing post-contract management are embedded in the strategy from the outset. Our knowledge, expertise and systems help ensure our clients’ secure the best possible value from the contract, throughout its duration.